Well uh, so I know some of you haven’t watched Doctor Who Confidential yet and I must sayyyy, you really are missing out. Though I know most of you prefer streaming but what I have are torrent links only ‘cause I don’t watch it online lol. The internet connection here in my area is so rubbish that it either buffers for a year or the direct download would be interrupted so I rather settle for torrent so I can pause it whenever. If you want individual links for Confidential S05 & S06. You can check it out here. Just type in Doctor Who. Though I think the links for S01-04 are dead so yeah. I’ve also included links for Classic Who and OSTs :)

ConfidentialDoctor Who Confidential Series 1 - [x]Doctor Who Confidential Series 2 - [x] Doctor Who Confidential Series 3 with DW OST - [x] Doctor Who Confidential Series 4 - [x] Doctor Who Series 5 (720p) with Confidential - [x] Doctor Who Series 6 (720p) with Confidential - [x]  
OSTDoctor Who Series 1 Soundtrack - [x]  Doctor Who Series 2 Soundtrack - [x]  Doctor Who Series 4 Soundtrack - [x] Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack - [x]Doctor Who Series 6 Soundtrack - [x] Doctor Who A Christmas Carol Soundtrack - [x] Classic WhoDoctor Who - William Hartnell - [x]Doctor Who - Patrick Troughton (individual links) - [x]Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee (individual links) - [x]Doctor Who - Tom Baker - [x]Doctor Who - Peter Davison - [x] Doctor Who - Colin Baker - [x] Doctor Who - Sylvester McCoy - [x]Doctor Who (1996 movie) - Paul McGann - [x]  
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