We’ve been freighting [the cubes] in from around the world for testing. So far, we’ve subjected them to temperatures of plus and minus two hundred Celsius, simulated a water depth of five miles, dropped one out of a helicopter at ten thousand feet and rolled our best tank over it. Always intact.


Merlin Cast Fest  ► Bradley James Week
Day Five: Favourite Moment In Merlin
The first round table meeting.

because didn’t anybody ever tell you?
fear is a superpower.


if you gave me a chance i would take it
it's a shot in the dark but i'll make it
know with all of your heart, you can't shake me
when i am with you, there's no place i'd rather be
no, no, no, no place i'd rather be

merlin/arthur + ‘rather be’ by clean bandit - requested by anonymous!


how long can you hold your
                              B R E A T H ?

colin morgan being a total cutiepie